The future of your union and collective bargaining rights over wages, hours, and working conditions are at stake and we need your help. We are asking everyone to sign this new membership form, if you haven’t done so already. You can fill out the form and sign it electronically or print it and send it back. We’d be happy to pick up the completed form from you.

In the upcoming days/weeks, the Supreme Court will announce its decision in the Janus Case.

As you may know, a ruling in favor of Janus could weaken unions by preventing unions from charging an ‘agency fee’ to those who do not want to be members. Agency fees cover the costs of services provided by the union to members of a bargaining unit.  The problem is that the decision would require unions to represent fully all members of a bargaining unit, regardless of whether they pay dues or not. Such a decision is supported by interests intent on destroying unions, quashing our collective voice, and eroding our wages and benefits.

We need to stand together now so that we can continue with our important work representing members to ensure fair and competitive wages, hours and working conditions. We are asking that you sign our new membership form that provides members with an annual window to withdraw from the union, in compliance with the anticipated ruling. Signing this new card is a proactive way to indicate your support of the UCHC-AAUP.  Union dues will remain the same at less than 1% (0.63%) of gross pay up to $250,000.

A short summary of UCHC-AAUP benefits and accomplishments:

  • Our UCHC-AAUP faculty union has been in place almost 10 years and serves as a means for faculty to have a voice in UConn Health decisions and to provide the strength of many voices to negotiate salaries, benefits, and general working conditions.
  • The UCHC-AAUP developed and negotiated a unique equity-adjusted compensation plan that has successfully increased base pay (on average more than 2.7%/year over ten years) and significantly reduced wage inequities, while maintaining a system for merit-based wage increases and/or bonuses. Before we formed the union, there were large inequities in faculty salaries.
  • In addition, as a result of our negotiations: 1) This July, everyone will receive a $2,000 bonus; 2) In April 2018 longevity payments will be made to for those who are eligible; 3) One extra day of vacation will be given to clinicians who participated in EPIC training.
  • In July, 2020 and again in July, 2021, we will receive a 5.5% increase in our equity fund, which will be distributed in the form of wage increases and merit.
  • The UCHC-AAUP, as member of the state coalition of employee unions (SEBAC), has also negotiated protection for pensions and retirement benefits as well as ongoing health insurance. Please see an update of the SAG award FAQ here.
  • The UCHC-AAUP represents bargaining unit members in employment-related matters. Your union contract has important protections for your wages, hours and working conditions. Please find the union contract here.
  • The union leadership is deepening our communications network by asking people to be liaisons in each department. We will also be bringing together constituent councils to work on issues of common concern. If you would like to be a liaison or participate in the councils, please let us know.
  • We had a substantial legislative presence this year, supporting a fair budget and protecting collective bargaining rights.

These protections and benefits cannot be maintained without committed dues-paying members!

We must maintain solidarity in the upcoming months. Not only is the UCH facing the formation of a public/private partnership, but there will be attacks on collective bargaining, our pensions, and health insurance during the legislative session. Additionally, national groups intent on destroying public employee unions will be gathering data so they can take advantage of the Janus decision by sending letters urging people to abandon their unions. (An Illinois organization already asked UConn for data about union members last week!)

Stand together so that we can continue to have a voice! Please sign our new form today!

Please contact us if you have any questions at all.

Kind regards,

Kevin Claffey and Cindy Polinsky