Human Resource Maintained File:
Under Sec 31-128b of the Connecticut General Statutes, Connecticut employees have the right to review and obtain copies of their personnel file. An employee is required to give a written request and, within a reasonable time from that request, be permitted to inspect his personnel file. Such inspection must take place during regular business hours.

Required Content of Personnel File:

  • Employment Application
  • Resume
  • Criminal background clearance
  • Current license of other certification(s)
  • Verified educational records/transcripts required for position
  • Pre-employment health clearance form
  • AA and related documents
  • Orientation Documentation
  • Performance Evaluations with required attachments:
    • Face sheet and detailed evaluation form
    • Self-evaluation (if submitted)
    • Goals for next year
    • Employee education record
    • Documentation of leaves of absences
    • Disciplinary Documentation (Formal)
    • Correspondence