We would like to update you on our efforts to advocate on your behalf concerning the ill-conceived parking scheme. From the very beginning, we warned the administration about the plan’s numerous difficulties. Despite this, it went forward anyway. Since then, we have been voicing your concerns with the aim of ameliorating its worst aspects. We were an early champion of the band-aid approach of soliciting volunteers for Garage 1 and ensuring that the students who arrived in late August did not exacerbate the problem.
We are also pleased that the administration recently adopted our idea of creating a Traveler permit for those of you that frequently leave and return to campus in a single day, as well as those whom have emergency clinical responsibilities. Such a permit will allow access to a special parking area. If you are interested in applying, please fill out the attached form. The deadline for this form is Wednesday, October 1. 2014.
While these measures are piece-meal, we eagerly push for a long-term solution. The outline of this may not be apparent until after the new out-patient building opens in January. The administration predicts a couple of hundred employees will move to Garage 1 at that time. Until then, we will stay engaged.
Further, for those of you that have particular concerns, we are convening a special meeting on October 8, 2014 at 5pm at the Massey auditorium. We understand that parking is of paramount importance to you right now. In fact, about half of all responses to the parking survey were from faculty. We are committed to seeing that your frustration is heard and that the administration follows through to rectify this crisis.