On Monday, November 3, new shuttle bus schedules will go into effect. The changes are based on your feedback, ridership data, and our continuous improvement efforts. Please note that most of the schedules have changes in departure times and pick-up/drop-off locations. The new schedules are posted on UConn Health Express and the Public Safety website. Please take the opportunity to review the schedules carefully. We will monitor ridership data and make adjustments if necessary.


Here is a summary of the changes:


Route 1: Main / MARB / Dowling South / Dowling North:

This route is intended to transport patients, visitors, and staff to clinical locations on the main campus. It departs from the Main Entrance every 20 minutes beginning at 8 a.m., and stops at the MARB (Medical Arts and Research Building), Dowling South, and Dowling North.


Route 2: Main / 195 Farmington Ave. / 10 Talcott Notch Road / 230 Farmington Ave. / Exchange / 21 South Road

This route is intended to transport patients, visitors, and staff to off-campus locations along and near Farmington Ave. A new stop has been added at 195 Farmington Ave. The bus no longer stops at 400 Farmington Ave. (Cell and Genome Sciences Building – CGSB).The Route 4 bus will now serve  400 Farmington Ave. The Route 2 bus departs from the Main Entrance every 30 minutes beginning at 8 a.m., and stops at 195 Farmington Ave., 10 Talcott Notch Road, 230 Farmington Ave., The Exchange, and 21 South Road before returning to the Main Entrance.


Route 3: Academic / Munson Road

This route will now exclusively travel between the Academic Entrance and Munson Road. It departs from Munson Road every 15 minutes beginning at 7:45 a.m. The last pickup at Munson Road is at 5:30 p.m.


Route 4: 400 Farmington Ave. / Lot 3 / Dowling Way / Academic Entrance / Dowling Way / Lot 3 /400 Farmington Ave.

Route 4 now provides service to and from 400 Farmington Ave. (Cell and Genome Sciences Building – CGSB) and the Academic Entrance via Shuttle lot 3 and Dowling Way. This route will provide service every 20 minutes. Beginning at 6:20 a.m., the route departs from the CGSB, proceeds to Shuttle Lot 3, Dowling Way (convenient stop for Jackson Labs) and then to the Academic Entrance. From the Academic Entrance, the bus travels to Dowling Way, Lot 3, and 400 Farmington Ave. The trip between 400 Farmington Ave. and the Academic Entrance will take about 9 minutes.


Route 5: Garage 1 – Level 6 / Academic Entrance

This route will now exclusively travel between Garage 1 and the Academic Entrance every 10 minutes from 5:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


Night Bus: Main Entrance / Garage 1 / MARB  / Lot 3

This route departs from the Main Entrance every 15 minutes from 5:30 p.m. to midnight and stops at Garage 1 level 6, the MARB, and Lot 3.



“Traveler permit applications” for those who have requested reserved parking based on clinical or other operational needs are under final review by senior management. Locations for traveler permit parking are also under final review and will be communicated soon.


A task force including a small group of employees is also evaluating other ways to address parking concerns and expects to be able to report additional adjustments very shortly.



A special parking permit system has been established to provide short term parking spaces for service vehicles and other specific clinical and business needs at various locations on campus. For example, spaces will be reserved at the East and West loading docks for purposes such as tissue specimen and research animal deliveries. Also, a limited number of parking spaces have been reserved at various building sites for Facilities, IT, and contractor repair service vehicles where needed to maintain our buildings.



Several parking spaces in “D” lot were previously designed and marked with a smaller width to increase the capacity of the parking lots. Signs will be placed shortly to indicate which spaces these are. Please avoid parking in these spaces if you have a large vehicle to avoid damage from adjacent cars and to allow individuals sufficient space to get in and out of their cars.



Employees are reminded that dedicated motorcycle parking is provided in Garage 1 at the entrance to level 1, a short shuttle bus ride to the main building. Based on your feedback, a few additional motorcycle parking spaces have been designated at Munson Road. Addition of a few motorcycle parking spaces are planned for Garage 3.  Accommodations for dedicated motorcycle parking at the Academic Entrance are planned with the Academic Building Expansion project and associated parking area modifications.



The Parking and Transportation office will soon be moving from the Academic Building to a new location on the 3rd floor of the Administrative Services Building (ASB). After that move occurs, future business related to parking, valet, and shuttle bus service will be conducted at the new location. Two, 30 minute limit, parking spaces will be reserved in the ASB, and marked by signs for those needing to conduct business with the new office.


CT TRANSIT bus schedules have been posted at the Academic Entrance. Copies of the schedules are also available there. The number “66” bus departs from the Academic and Main Entrance bus stops and travels to and from Hartford via Farmington Avenue. The “F” bus provides service to and from New Britain. It stops at the main entrance but not the academic entrance, then stops at lower campus. Please consider using this alternate form of transportation if convenient to where you live.


As always, the UConn Health community is encouraged to send suggestions and questions to


Thank you.


Clifford Ashton / Associate Vice President / Facilities Management

Carolle Andrews / Chief Administrative Officer