Parking and Transportation Office:

The Parking and Transportation office has moved from the Academic Building to the 3rd floor of the Administrative Services Building (ASB). All business related to parking, valet, and shuttle bus service will be conducted at the new location. Two, 30 minute parking spaces have been designated in the ASB parking lot for those needing to conduct business with the office. The contact information for the Parking and Transportation office is as follows:


Administrative Services Building / 3rd Floor / Room 3044

Mailcode: 8230

Office Fax: x0194

Office Phone Number: x4248

Email: Registration: / Suggestions/Questions:


Parking Changes:

A parking task force, appointed by Dr. Torti and chaired by Elizabeth Bolt, vice president for Human Resources, has recommended the following parking changes:


  • Area 1 parking only will be allowed on East Road. Area 3 parking will no longer be available on East Road.
  • Area 2 parking only will be allowed on Main Road. Area 3 parking will no longer be available on Main Road.
  • Area 3 parking only will be allowed on West Road between the entrance to the Loading Dock and the Academic entrance.
  • Area 1 parking only will be allowed on West Road between the Academic entrance and the Munson Road entrance.


These changes will be implemented on Monday, November 17. Please refer to the campus parking map for further details.


Traveler Permits:

Traveler permit applications for those who have requested reserved parking based on clinical or other operational needs are under final review by senior management. The Parking & Transportation office is expecting to receive the approved list from the task force in the very near future. Individuals who are approved for “traveler status” will receive a special sticker from the Parking & Transportation office designating their status. Approximately 35 spaces on the top floor of Garage 3 will be designated for “traveler” parking.


Shuttle Bus Schedule Changes:

New shuttle bus schedules were implemented on Monday, November 3. The changes were based on your feedback, ridership data, and our continuous improvement efforts. We encourage everyone to review the new schedules as most of the routes have changes in departure times and pick-up/drop-off locations including extended Night Bus hours. The new schedules are posted on UConn Health Express and the Public Safety website. We will monitor ridership data and make adjustments if necessary.


As always, the UConn Health community is encouraged to send suggestions and questions to


Thank you.




Clifford Ashton / Associate Vice President / Facilities Management

Carolle Andrews / Chief Administrative Officer