This Saturday is the 2018 March for Science in Hartford! While technically not a ‘march’ there will be a gathering with exhibitors and speakers from 12noon-3pm.  

The gathering is at the Minuteman Park (at 328 Capitol Ave, next to the Legislative Office Building) and is hosted by March for Science, Hartford in conjunction with the 2018 March for Science.   

Please see this FAQ for important information if you’re planning to attend. *  

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PS. Here’s an article about the March for Science organization from Science magazine at 

*From the FAQ- The Connecticut Citizens Defense League is holding a pro-gun rally at the Capitol the same date as the March for Science. The Legislative Office building provides a large physical barrier between the two events, and both Capitol and Hartford police will be present at the CCDL rally. We do not anticipate any problems, but please be aware that this is occurring.