By Cindy Polinsky, Executive Director

Last week we commemorated the 50th anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King, Jr. (assassinated the day after he supported striking sanitation workers). His words still ring true and wise. The quote in the photo above is about so-called right to work states, the slogan that means that everyone in the union receives the same benefits whether they pay dues or not. Unions are much weaker in the divisive environment of ‘right to work’ states. The upcoming Janus decision threatens to weaken public sector union across the country. We’re asking everyone to stick together by signing new membership forms. The new forms will provide members an annual window in which you can withdraw your membership. Of course, we want to encourage everyone to stay in the union! To see more information about the impact ‘right to work’ legislation, click here. (click here to download a card. After you sign it, contact me at and I will come pick it up!)