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  1. Statement Concerning Cut to UCHC Block Grant Funding

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    Statement Concerning Cut to UCHC Block Grant Funding

    Thankyou Co-Chairs, Ranking members, and members of the Committee for the chance to speak today. I am Diomedes Tsitouras, Executive Director of the American Association of University Professors of the University of Connecticut Health Center (UCHC-AAUP). Our union represents 550 faculty whom engage in research of new discoveries, teach the next generation of healthcare professionals, and treat countless members of the public. I am here today to thank you for your past investment in UCONN Health and also to ask you to continue this progress.

    The challenges you face in reducing the state budget deficit are daunting and I don’t envy the task before you.  I want to thank you for the opportunity to speak with you and urge you to minimize the cuts to UConn Health.

    The Governor’s budget calls for an 8% decrease to the UCHC block grant. I urge you to reject this cut as it would thwart UCONN Health as a regional economic driver of bioscience and innovation. More significantly, they may put patient care at risk.

    Since I began in this job, I have personally met with some of our new young faculty hires, in psychiatry, oral health, and general medicine. Many have expressed excitement about becoming a part of growing and thriving campus and what a bioscience push means to Connecticut. I want to emphasize that UCONN Health is not just another agency. UCONN Health supports the generation of 5700 jobs and $105 million in economic activity. As proposed, this budget jeopardizes one of the few sources of Connecticut’s job growth. Furthermore, patient care is equally important. In the last year, UCONN Health received a Leap Frog Score of A in patient safety, as well as praise from Consumer Reports, ranking it higher than many leading national institutions. Cuts to UCONN Health could threaten this advancement by creating potential staff shortages and lessen other resources needed to provide adequate care to our most vulnerable residents.

    Finally, our ability to find cures and support national initiatives like the President’s Moonshot to cure cancer will also be put at risk. I urge you to restore the Governor’s proposed cut. Thank you.

  2. Herbst says UConn’s mission hurt by budget cuts

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    UConn President Susan Herbst traveled to the legislative office building Wednesday morning to plead for more funding for her institution. Budget cuts proposed by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy , she said, would threaten its mission.

  3. UCONN Health Budget Hearing, Wednesday 4:00-6:30pm, LOB(Room 2C)

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    Dear Colleague:


    We hope you will consider joining us at the Legislative Office Building (Room 2C) on Wednesday from 4:00-6:30, to show your support for the UConn Health panelists– students, faculty and a grateful patient  who will be testifying in opposition to the proposed budgets cuts to UConn Health.


    Round-trip transportation will be provided to the Legislative Office Building.  A bus will leave the Main Building/Main Entrance of UConn Health at 3:00 pm on Wednesday, and will return by 7:00 pm.


    If you are able to attend, please wear your white coats or other UConn Health gear.  Since seating must be reserved for the bus, please rsvp to this email to reserve a spot.





    Appropriations Committee Public Hearing on UConn Health’s Budget

    Wednesday, February 10, 2016



    4:00 – 6:30 pm – Possible Panel Presentations (please plan on arriving by 3:30 pm)

    Legislative Office Building, 300 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, CT


    The proposed state budget was released on Wednesday, and large cuts to the University of Connecticut, UConn Health and the other public colleges and universities are included.  Your help is needed to reverse the proposed cuts.


    Public Hearing:  Please show your support for UConn Health and opposition to these cuts by attending the Appropriations Committee Public Hearing on Wednesday, February 10th from 4:00-6:30 pm at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford. (Please plan to arrive at 3:30 pm in order to go through security and get to the hearing room).


    What to Wear:  Please wear your white coat or other UConn Health apparel to help support students and faculty testifying in opposition to the cuts.   Students and supporters from other public colleges and universities will be there so we need UConn Health students, faculty, staff and other UConn advocates to stand out by wearing UConn Health or UConn School of Medicine or Dental Medicine related apparel.


    If you are driving to the Legislative Office Building it is adjacent to the Capitol—see link to the directions below:

  4. Malloy Planning Budget Town Halls

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    With across-the-board spending cuts planned to tackle a more than $500 million deficit for the next fiscal year, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman will hold a series of town hall forums focusing on the state budget.

  5. Faculty Groups Remain Worried As Wisconsin Moves Closer To ‘Fake Tenure’

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    A national organization representing professors and a faculty union in Wisconsin said Wednesday that they remain concerned about the future of tenure in the state, despite changes in public drafts on the policies.