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  1. 2014 AAUP Annual Conference

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    Registration is now open for the AAUP’s annual conference, to be held June 11-15, 2014, in Washington DC. The conference includes paper presentations, plenary sessions, networking opportunities, and more.

  2. There is a new AAUP Union in New Hampshire

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    The lecturers at the University of New Hampshire voted overwhelmingly in favor of unionization and will be represented by the UNH Lecturers United AAUP. Follow the link to read the chapters official statement.

  3. AAUP Annual Awards

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    Do you know an AAUP member whose service to the profession has been outstanding? A chapter or publication that deserves special recognition? How about an administrator or legislator who goes the extra mile for higher education? Consider making a nomination for an AAUP award.

  4. Abuse Ignored (UConn Administration)

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    From Inside Higher Ed, February 27, 2014, By Scott Jaschik:
    “[T]he response of university officials prior to February 2013 was insufficient to ensure the safety of minors on campus and of university students,” the report said.

  5. U.S. Supreme Court won’t hear Rowland appeal in union layoffs case

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    The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear former Gov. John G. Rowland’s appeal regarding a ruling that his administration used layoffs to punish state employee unions in 2003.

  6. 2014 Connecticut Legislative Session

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    The 2014 legislative session will begin on February 5th and adjourn on May 7th. This website aims to keep you informed of submitted legislation that pertains to higher education, wages and working conditions, public health issues and threats to academic freedom. Please sign up for the Bill Tracker to get notified directly. Your participation in the legislative process is extremely important and you may be called upon to advocate or defend a UCHC-AAUP position. Also, bookmark the Office of Legislative Research to find out “Whats Hot” in the legislature.

  7. Board of Regents President Plans to Raise Tuition 6% Over 3 Years

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    Board of Regents President Gregory Gray is asking the Board of Regents for Higher Education to approve a plan that will raise the tuition at the state universities and colleges 6% over the next 3 years. The full board needs to approve the proposal.

  8. SEBAC Approves Breakpoint Change

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    Final ratification of the new Breakpoint Agreement is now complete, with all unions eligible to vote voting in the affirmative. The agreement will not be submitted to the General Assembly as it is pursuant to the previously funded provisions of SEBAC 2011. It has been transmitted to the Retirement Division to be implemented as soon as their computers can handle it. It’s effect will be retroactive to all retirements occurring on or after July 1, 2013.